The Napa Valley Girls' Fastpitch Association (NVGFA) has a rich history.  In 2017 we'll celebrate our 69th season!  Our league has created a fun environment for our young female athletes to learn and compete each summer.  NVGFA, or "Kiwanis" as we often call ourselves, is part of the fabric of our community.  Through the years our players have become coaches themselves, and coached their own children and grandchildren. 

Located near downtown Napa, Kiwanis ballpark is a unique gem that symbolizes our community.  One of the special features of our park is the lights - ours is the only park near town center that allows nighttime play.  Summer nights at Kiwanis are filled with the sound of balls and strikes, hits and foul balls; the smell of barbequed hot dogs and cut grass; and the sights of crowds gathered to cheer their favorite players. 

Our goal is to provide a fun, inclusive environment for young athletes to develop physically and emotionally.  We welcome players of all skill levels from advanced "travel ball" players to those who have never played before.  All athletes are given instruction and encouragement and all are guaranteed playing time.  Beyond softball, we seek to help our players develop character, integrity, and a healthy sense of self-esteem.  Most will not continue their softball "careers" beyond our league, but we hope to create fond memories and lasting lessons that will carry these athletes into happy adult lives. 

We are proud to serve the Napa community and our athletes, parents, fans and supporters.  We look forward to the next 70 years!

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